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Video games and Fantasy Sports!!!

To start off I just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who reads my blog (I know there isn’t many of you). But seriously thank you to everyone who reads them. Also, if you comment on this blog then I will definitely reply! 
Anyway, as always, Thursday is blog day! And today I am going to be writing about video games since I haven’t done one of those in months.  
Recently I haven’t really played video games much recently and I really miss playing. Last year I made a blog about my top 5 favorite video games and if you want to check it out click here: Moving on… I would like to talk about something different. I don’t know if it is the same for you guys that play video games but for me one day I could feel like I want to play one game. And then I would play that game for maybe a week or so and it would just suddenly change to a different game. Sort of like a phase. If you think about it for a bit then it is sort of like that with a lot of things. Sorry about that random rant I just felt like talking about it.
Some games I am excited for this year are madden 17, NBA 2k18, NBA live and Gran Turismo sport. I think NBA live 18 should be good because EA didn’t make  NBA live 17 so the game should be pretty good. 
Another subject I would like to talk about is not video games anymore it’s fantasy sports. I haven’t joined any fantasy sports in a while and I really want to start playing again. But the problem is that all the sports are either finished or too late to join any leagues. If I could do fantasy sports full time for a job then I definitely would. The draft especially is a good part, I even get really nervous before them even though all I am doing is clicking on a screen!   
Thank you very much for reading and look out for my next blogs. 
TH1RT33N 😛


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