MLB All-Star Break 2017

Today I am going to be writing about a bunch of different sports stories, as well as some fantasy football. The MLB All-Star break was on this week so that is going to be my first topic. While we are on the topic of baseball I actually made an Aaron Judge sports edit a few days ago. I will insert a picture below.

aaron judge all rise

Anyway, let’s get on with the sports! If you guys didn’t already know Aaron Judge won the home run derby. I watched his first matchup with Justin Bour and it was crazy. Bour, who plays for the marlins, hit 22 home runs and as you can imagine Marlins Park was going insane. Judge just managed to beat Bour in the 30 second bonus time. A few matchups before there was a big upset when the defending champ and number 1 seed Giancarlo Stanton lost by one home run to Yankee’s catcher Gary Sanchez. Aaron Judge went on to hit FOUR home runs past 500 feet, one even went as far as 513 feet! All of the players in the derby are amazing ball players and just make it look so easy.

Another thing I would like to write about that is to do with the MLB All-Star game is something to do with the outfielders. I thought this was pretty cool when I was watching it, they had Bryce Harper and George Springer (Bryce Harper was the RF for the AL and George Springer was the LF for the NL) mic’d up and the announcers on TV were talking to them whilst they were in the outfield and the game was being played. I thought that was pretty cool.

Let’s move onto some NBA news. James Harden signed a $228 Million 4-year contract. Which is just an insane amount of money. I do really like James Harden and it would just be awesome to earn that much money. I can’t even imagine it. There isn’t really that much NBA news but you guys might have seen PG13 arrive in OKC. It was cool to watch and the thunder fans welcome Paul George. If you want to check that out click here.

Another topic I wanted to mention that I was watching some ESPN 30 for 30 shorts last night and both of the films that I watched were very good. The first one that I watched was about Danny Almonte. The kid that was an amazing pitcher in the LLWS but it turned out that he was 14 years old. I feel sorry for Danny because it wasn’t his fault and people will always look at him as a ‘cheater’ or a ‘liar’ and I can imagine that it is very hard for him. The second one I watched was called Student/Athlete and was about a 5’5 135lb kicker for Notre Dame called Reggie Ho. I won’t spoil it for you but it was very good. If you want to watch Danny Almonte’s short click here. If you want to watch Student/Athlete click here.

Finally, I would just like to say that I really want to get back into fantasy football so I might try to do that soon.

Next week’s blog will probably be something about sports again.

Thank you very much for reading and make sure to look out for my next blogs.
TH1RT33N 😛


One thought on “MLB All-Star Break 2017

  1. I like how you attach videos to the blog. The OKC fans are the best in the NBA.

    I know you really don’t want the fantasy football league to start, because if I remember correctly, I kicked your butt every time we matched up. I would have won the championship but I pulled my hamstring.


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