Las Vegas Summer League 2017

It feels like it has been a long time since I last posted a blog but in fact it has just been a week! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it is very hard to find sports topics to write about every week… So, I Just apologize if it seems slow. I have a few topics lined up for today’s blog so I hope you enjoy!

My first topic today is going to be the NBA Summer league. Recently the Lakers (without Lonzo Ball) beat the Portland Trail Blazers 110-98 to win the Las Vegas Summer League. Kyle Kuzma dropped 30 points along with 10 boards in an MVP performance. Also, (takes deep breath) the Las Vegas All-NBA Summer League First team includes: Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith Jr, John Collins, Josh Jackson and Caleb Swanigan. The second team includes: Cheick Diallo, Bryn Forbes, Kyle Kuzma, Wayne Selden Jr and Jayson Tatum. Lonzo Ball was Also Named Summer league MVP.

The next thing that I wanted to write about is the NBA D-League turning into the G-League. Yes, I know that I am a bit late to this but I just felt like writing about this today. If you don’t know the D-League (development league) has turned into the G-League (Gatorade League). I don’t really know much about it but I just thought it was a bit different that a sports league is being named after a brand. You will probably see a lot of advertising for Gatorade and also lots of players drinking it on the bench.

Another topic today is going to be high school basketball players. I think there is just a lot of pressure on players like LaMelo, Zion Willamson, Bol Bol, Shareef O’Neal and players like that. If they play bad or make one wrong move they will get so much hate on social media and stuff. All of the players that I just mentioned and obviously a lot more that I just can’t think of right now are just so good and they have such a bright future and I look forward to see them in College and in the NBA.

Finally, I am thinking of linking all of my accounts to my WordPress and creating a portfolio as well. Let me know what you think!

My next blog will just be something to do with sports or fantasy sports.

Thank you very much for reading and make sure to look out for my next blogs.

TH1RT33N 😛


One thought on “Las Vegas Summer League 2017

  1. Yo ThIrt33n, it is weird that a league is named after a sports drink. I think the first team to do something similar was in the MLS w/ the NY Red Bulls. Nice blog, keep them coming. Do you have any more sports edits? Have you kept track of how many times you lost to Champ (yes, I speak in the third person) in hoops this summer?

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